Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

A Satement

I fell in love with statement nacklaces, statment pants and what else walks on the streets and leaves a grand impression. They are the must-must-must have this season.When I first saw those beautiful art on simple pants I was so keen but at the same time I thought: With what the hell should I combine them?
Every one of us has normaly a pair of jeans some black pants and some 'take me out' pants. So I was really confused. After one hour shopping with my best friend I got a first idea and jeah you can see it down below.

Because I know that not everyone have the same buget I tried to make a luxury version, an expensive example and a cheaper one.
If you would like to wear some colourful statement pants you should calm down with other strong or powerful colours. You can orient yourself by the pants.
And here's an extra hint: wear a statement nacklacec and you're dressed wonderfull ;D

First example:

Look "Luxury": shirt, pants, shoes, bag, jewellery
Look "Expensive": shirt, pants, shoes, bag, jewellery
Look "Cheap": shirt, pants, shoes, bag, jewellery

A all-clear signal for all those people who loves to experimate and play with colours: there is an other option to give your look something unique. just choose some black-white patternd statement pants and make it look crazy with a flashy colour.. or more if you like. Just in case: I wouldn't mix different patterns so stay on basic colours. But if your're brave you can try it out for sure (send me a foto, I'm excited)
Here the other option:

Look "Luxury": shirt, pants, shoes, bag
Look "Expensive": shirt, pants, shoes, bag
Look "Cheap": shirtblouse,  pants, shoes, bag

Please send me your own interpretation and your own looks. I hope you've enjoied this post and hopefully it was helpful.

Montag, 10. September 2012

summer trends ready for fall

Hey guys, so I hope your not angry because of my long desappearance. As you know the new school year has begun so I was really stressed and just wanna to start well. But as a little goodie to you I worked on some cite ideas to change your summer trend in a cool and warm outfit. I always thougt this would be a big challange to me but it was very fun to do and to wear. Maybe I'll share some pictures of my own wardrobe change. So have fun to watch and I would love to see your ideas/photos.

Pastel Pants

In summer I loved all the pastel colours in so much different ways. But how can we wear them in a dark and melancholic season like fall is? The answear is: take a trend and combine it with your problem. The pastel pants are looking gorgeoous wih the army trend and they're also give a touche of colour to the normaly grey, black and khaki look of an army outfit.

Beige Shorts

 I love both of this looks. And shorts with tights are looking sexy and give warm enought for the cold, windy and melancolic season. If anyone sees a sweater like this for less (this one is from XX and coasts XY) please send me the URL.

Pastel Shirt

This I think is the most simply way to get dressed this fall. just take a cute top and combine it with a leather skirt or shorts. With some dark accessory and some misterious tight youcan feel fine and warm enought to drink som hot chocolate with friends.

I hope you've enjoyed this post


Fashionstar Kristen Stewart

You can love her or hate her. But I really don't care what celebs are doing in their free time and above all I think it's just a bad, bad, bad, bad (very bad) trait to judge people you don't know anything bout personaly. Anyway.. I think Kristen Stewart has made big steps in fashion. Now you can say 'she just has a good style consulant', although she looks always brilliant and really fashionable. Here the newest pic from her last red carpet appearence on 6th september

Her fabilous dress by the way is from the Lebanese fashion designer Zuhair Murad. The dress is from his acrtual fall couture collection 2012 (pic see below)

Pictures by and

I wish you a good start in this week

Dienstag, 7. August 2012

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2012 Ready to wear











I am fascinated by these wonderful materials and the crazy colors. A very perfect line through the colorful and happy summer for high-contrast, sharp fall. Even the shapes of the clothes is an art and merging with the cut just magical. A dream in fashion.



Catrice Herbst/Winter Kollektion

Inspiriert bei den Catwalks der Modemetropolen kommen hier die heissesten Make-Up-Trends für Herbst und Winter.

Ultimate Lip Glow – Lip Colour Intensifier
010 One Shade Fits All
Wenn das nicht genial ist: Der neue CATRICE Ultimate Lip Glow – Lip Colour Intensifier glättet nicht nur die Lippen und bringt sie zum Strahlen, er intensiviert gleichzeitig die persönliche Lippenfarbe – ein transparenter, frischer und natürlicher Look in tatsächlich individueller Farbe.

Glamour Doll Volume Mascara 
Doll Eyes dominieren die internationalen Catwalks – dazu braucht es das speziell entwickelte Elastomer-Bürstchen. Warum? Ganz einfach: Es nimmt viel der cremigen Mascara-Textur auf, verteilt sie besonders gut, umhüllt jede einzelne Wimper ohne zu beschweren. Was dabei rauskommt: Extra Volumen, Länge und Dichte. Augenärztlich getestet.

Prime And Fine Illuminating Base
Primer sind die Basis des Profis für seidig-weichen, ebenmäßigen, frischen Teint. Die feuchtigkeitsspendende Formulierung garantiert die perfekte Grundierung für jedes Make up. Lichtreflektierende Pearl-Schimmerpigmente kaschieren Hautunebenheiten, Poren und feine Linien. Das macht den sichtbaren Unterschied.

Prime And Fine Highlighting Powder
010 Fairy Dust
Ein herrlich leichter Puder, der Highlights im Gesicht und auf dem Dekolleté setzt. Ein seidig schimmerndes Perfect Finish. Über jedem CATRICE Make up zu verwenden.

Absolute Eye Colour Mono
Die Farbe, die Haltbarkeit, die Deckkraft, die Effekte – die Monos sind  in jeder Hinsicht absolutely fabulous. Inspirationen von den Catwalks umgesetzt in neue Styles für die Augen – in Matt, Schimmernd, Pearl oder Satin. Intensiv durch die hohe Pigmentdichte, leicht durch die zarte Textur. Noch Wünsche?
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